Crisis Response Unit (SWAT)

The Tehama County Interagency SWAT team is made up from personnel from the following agencies:

  • Red Bluff Police Department
  • Tehama County Sheriff's Office
  • Tehama County DA Investigator's Office
  • Corning Police Department

All members are specially trained and are ready to respond to any incident in the County of Tehama or neighboring county if requested.

Tehama Interagency Swat Team Roster

Tactial Commander Captain Quintan Ortega - RBPD
Tactial Commander Captain Dave Kain - TCSO
Team Leaders Kevin Hale / Jeff Wing - DA Inv. Office
Team Leader Vacant - TCSO
Assistant Team Leader Vacant  - RBPD
Assistant Team Leader Detective Jeff Garrett - TCSO
Team Member Officer Matt Haman - RBPD
Team Member Officer Sean Baxter - RBPD
Team Member Officer Jeremy Haley - RBPD
Team Member Deputy Chris Benson - TCSO
Team Member Deputy Derrik Sherrill - TCSO
Team Member Deputy Kyle Lovelady - TCSO
Team Member Deputy Ryan Frank - TCSO
Team Member Officer James White - CPD
Team Member Sergeant Andy Houghtby - TCSO
Team Member Deputy Mike Enyart - TCSO
Sniper Team Leader Lt. Matt Hansen - RBPD
Sniper Vacant - RBPD
Sniper Vacant - RBPD
Sniper Vacant - TCSO
Tactical Dispatch Cindee Spurgeon - RBPD
Tactical Dispatch Suzette Erb - RBPD
Tactical Dispatch Penne Bunn - TCSO
Tactical Dispatch Linda Theriot - TCSO
Hostage Negotiator  Sgt. Kevin Busekist - RBPD
Hostage Negotiator Officer Sean Baxter - RBPD
Medic Deputy Jimmy Anderson - TCSO
555 Washington Street  •  Red Bluff, CA 96080  •  (530) 527-3131
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