K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit


Since 2011, the police department has had dual purpose K-9 teams. K-9 “Aries” has been working with Sergeant Kevin Bowen since 2019. K-9 “Aries” started his career with Officer Talley in 2016.

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The police department welcomed a new patrol K-9 to the team this year. K-9 “Max” joined the department in late 2022. K-9 “Max” and his handler Officer Charles Lampron attended the basic K-9 training school in November of 2022 and will begin on patrol in 2023.

The K-9's primary functions working patrol are to alert their handlers to the odor of narcotics and perform apprehensions.  Most of the time, the mere presence of one of our K-9's is enough to gain compliance or motivate the suspect to surrender.  They also search buildings once we have received a report of a burglary or other situation where a K-9 is needed.  Our K-9's can search an entire building much faster and safer than a team of officers. 

When our K-9s are not finding drugs or apprehending criminals, they often show up at community events.  Our K-9 teams demonstrate their skills to the community at public events.  They also go to schools and show off their skills to students in Red Bluff.  Our K-9 handlers have noticed the K-9s significantly help connect to the community of Red Bluff. 

Our K-9s are funded by donations only.  The donations we are grateful to receive lead us to increase our K-9 unit to two teams.  Donations cover the cost of training, dog food, K-9 equipment (collars, leashes, harnesses etc.), veterinary expense and of course purchasing the dogs.